First Home Student Loan Rebate Program

A recent study from GoBankingRates has shown that many college graduates are unable to afford their first home because of their student loans.   In the same study, it was shown that Fort Worth was the eighth most affordable city to purchase your first home if you have student debt.   Here is a breakdown from the report.

8. Fort Worth, Texas

Median Income: $57,309
Average Student Debt: $27,377.29
Average Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,078
Portion of Income Required for Mortgage: 23%

With an average mortgage costing just over $1,000 a month, this is one of the cities where buying a home is “worth” it. And with relatively low student debt levels, owning a home while still paying down your college loans is most likely achievable for many if not most residents.


Here at NextHome Integrity Group, we realize that many college graduates still firmly have the dream of owning a home despite student loans.  We want to help them realize their American Dream!

With this in mind, we will rebate 10% of our commission to first time homebuyers who still have student debt.   In order to qualify, you must be a college graduate and still have student debt.   You must provide us with a preapproval from a lender for a mortgage.

Please fill out the form below to apply for the First Home Student Loan Rebate program.   We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  We request that you let us know your current rent payment and describe your dream home to us (including some of your preferred locations).  We will do a search to find homes close to your current rent payment in your desired location.  If we can’t find something matching these specifications, we will let you know and discuss further options.

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